February 21 2019

Microbiome Food Information

The Ultimate Microbiome Diet Guide and Food List

By Sasha Brown


It comes as no surprise that the second someone decides to lose weight; their immediate response is the dreaded diet. Diets don’t have to make you miserable, and you don’t have to suffer through cutting out all of your favorite foods. There has to be a point where enough is enough and you lose weight while not losing your sanity along the way! The many organisms in your gut form their own ecosystem known as the microbiome. By understanding this microbiome, you can understand a more efficient way to lose weight. A healthy gut diet will give you the results you so badly want. The best part about this diet is that it is easily doable. Anyone can use the microbiome diet to further their weight loss needs.

Learn the Power of Balance

A balanced microbiome can be the difference between losing a lot of weight, or gaining it. Good bacteria thrive in your microbiome. If you have an imbalanced microbiome it will push you to crave sugary and unhealthy fats. This will eventually slow down your metabolism and cause you to become hungry faster than usual. A balanced microbiome causes you to crave healthy foods and become hungry at meal appropriate times. The key to obtaining a balanced microbiome lies within a clean gut diet. This diet will help eliminate gut inflammation which can lead directly to weight loss. Phase 1 of a microbiome diet focuses on eliminating the foods that are disrupting your intestinal track and slowing the growth of good gut bacteria. Having a healthy gut diet alone can restore your gut flora and significantly increase the number of good bacteria in your microbiome.

The Come and Go


There will be foods you are used to having that will have to be taken out of your diet. There will also be additions to your diet that you will need to make. You will need to avoid processed foods, sugar, eggs, soy, dried fruits, and starchy vegetables. All of these foods feed the bad gut bacteria. It is very important to avoid foods high in starch. Most non-starchy fruits and vegetables are free game. You can still eat all your favorite beef and chicken dishes, as these proteins are not off limits. To ensure the growth of the good bacteria in your stomach it is suggested that you begin taking bacteria promoting supplements like prebiotics and probiotics. If supplements aren’t your thing, you can even choose a probiotic diet plan. The best news is that this clean gut diet allows you to still enjoy your coffee, beer, and wine!

A Diet You Can Snack On


There are numerous foods out there that can have a positive benefit on your good gut bacteria, but there are some that are better than others. Focusing on foods that are high in prebiotics and probiotics will not only restore gut flora, but promote the growth of good bacteria in the stomach. Most diet plans tell you to avoid snacking, but a healthy gut diet promotes it. Snacking on foods such as yogurt, bananas, pickles, or cultured veggies will actually be beneficial to gut bacteria and weight loss. The bacteria within the probiotic foods will significantly increase the speed at which your good gut bacteria grows.


Your gut is lined with different types of bacteria, and some of these are good gut bacteria. The majority of the cells within your digestive tract are bacterial. The bacteria are responsible for digesting your food. These intestinal organisms even control your metabolism and can influence your mood. Gut bacteria and weight loss go hand in hand. The more good gut bacteria you have, the more weight you will lose. A clean gut diet will work wonders in your weight loss endeavors. The bacteria produce essential vitamins and nutrients that allow your body to stay nourished. The good bacteria play a huge role in your overall health. They allow for efficient digestion, absorption of nutrients, overall well-being, and of course weight loss. Probiotic foods are some of the best you can consume, because they are already filled with live bacteria that help promote digestion.

Not Your Traditional Diet

A clean gut diet allows you to step away from the traditional diet ways. You will no longer have to worry about calorie counting or tracking your portion sizes. Talk about freedom! By doing this you are able to rely on your body’s own sense of hunger and intuitive eating. Dieting usually comes along with stress, but stress inhibits weight loss. The good gut diet allows you to eliminate two major stressors; calorie counting and portion control. The microbiome diet gives you the personal freedoms that other diets lack, but also gives you results. Fermented foods are welcomed and actually recommended, which means beer is not off limits!

You Will See Results

Weight loss

Eating superfoods, foods high in polyphenols and low in lectins, will allow you to begin seeing results. Lucky for you, dark chocolate and cocoa powder are polyphenol-rich! The clean gut diet not only gives you weight loss results, but you will end up feeling better in general. You will no longer be held back by fatigue. In fact, you will feel rejuvenated and motivated to do things that you may have resisted before embarking on the clean gut diet. Your sleep patterns will even improve, leaving you feeling great. The good bacteria in your stomach will also help restore gut flora. Not only will you regain balance to your life, but your microbiome will regain balance.

Encourage Diversity

You don’t have to feel trapped with this diet because there are so many foods that aren’t off limits. In fact, eating diverse foods will actually diversify your microbiome. This will allow the good gut bacteria to thrive and continue to multiply. The diverse diet will also help fight against disease. A more diverse microbiome is actually associated with leanness. Not only can you consume lots of different foods, but it will have a beneficial effect on your overall health. Talk about a win-win situation.

A Diet That Ensures Results Without A Treadmill

There is finally a diet that ensures you will lose weight and become healthier, all without extreme exercise. Simply by removing the foods that cause inflammation and disrupt your good gut bacteria, you will restore the balance of the microbiome. The balanced microbiome alone will restore health and balance to your digestive system. This balance helps promote and initiate weight loss. Exercise is always a great way to stay healthy and in shape, but it is not the main focus with a healthy gut diet.

Your Metabolism Will Be Restored

Weight loss is very dependent upon your metabolism and how your body metabolizes foods. Metabolism is the process in which your body converts what you consume into energy. If your gut is lined with good gut bacteria, your body will be able to metabolize your food more efficiently. This results in less stored fat cells. Once you have restored your metabolism, this will automatically lead to healthy weight loss. It is important to follow the clean gut diet in order to restore the balance in your microbiome.

Give Yourself Enough Time For Meals

A huge part of getting your gut back in shape is a good consciousness. Your gut is your second brain, and what affects your mind also effects it. An unbalanced microbiome can cause you to feel anxious, nervous, tired or depressed. It is important that you not only eat foods that align with a clean gut diet, but also get into a state of meditation prior to eating. You can do this by removing stressors like stressful people or conversations. If you are in a stressful environment it is likely that you will eat your food faster. This will cause the good gut bacteria in your stomach to struggle to digest your food, and in turn, throw your microbiome off balance. You need to plan ahead and make sure that you have enough time to patiently eat your meal without rushing through it.

https://howtonight.com/microbiome-diet-guide-and-food-list/The microbiome is a key to weight loss success. If you can follow the few simple steps to restore good bacteria in your stomach, then you will be able to mark down your weight loss as a success. The good news is that gut bacteria respond very quickly to a change in diet, so you will begin to see and feel changes more quickly than other diets. The average lifespan of a bacterium in your microbiome is only 20 minutes. Each time you eat you have the chance to take steps into promoting your gut health. Don’t let a couple minor setbacks hinder you from moving forward. By following a probiotic diet plan, consuming prebiotic foods, or foods high in polyphenols and low in lectins, you will be sure to create an environment that the good gut bacteria will thrive on. A balanced microbiome will give you weight loss results, and make you happier while doing this.


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February 21 2019

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Keto Soup Links

January 27 2019

Keto Best Vegetables


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Christmas Favorite, Songs

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December 5 2018

1o Top Oldies Christmas Songs List

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November 17 2018

Diabetes Self Check List

Diabetes Self-Check List

☐ Noticeable increase of thirst and urination: One of the most common and detectable symptoms of diabetes is frequent urination and excessive thirst. Excessive secretion of fluids by the kidney makes the body dehydrated, causing a need for essential aounts of fluid to be put back into our body.

☐ Abnormal increase of appetite: Insulin levels in our blood fluctuate rapidly and essentially is not in a normal state. Due to this, the cells in our body do not get the essential amount of energy required to perform daily activities at our normal speed. This in turn results in unusual hunger, the body’s way of requesting more supplies in order to regain energy.

☐ Sudden weight loss: When the body is not able to effectively absorb glucose and frequent urination commences, you will notice rapid weight loss without any effort from the person affected. Losing weight in this way in unhealthy and could have lasting effects.

☐ Fatigue and mental exertion: The inability of glucose to enter the body’s cells due to diabetes results in a lack of energy supply in the body, leading to irritation and tiredness.

☐ Inability/slowness for wounds to heal: Minor wounds may take longer or never completely heal when you suffer with diabetes. The weakened immune system is not as effective when healing the smallest injury and cuts should not be taken for granted. A common issue that women face is observed in cases of bladder and vaginal infections.

☐ Blurry vision: Abnormal increase in the glucose levels weakens and damages our blood vessels, leaving our eyes dry from the minimal amount of fluid in the lenses of the eye. Distorted vision, seeing floaters or occasional flashes of light if left unattended can cause blurred vision and/or blindness.
☐ Dry skin: Peripheral neuropathy, which means “the circulation and proper functioning of sweat glands,” is compromised, resulting in dry and itchy skin.

☐ Tingling or numbness in hands, legs or feet: When our sugar levels rise it causes damage to the blood vessels leading to loss of sensation in our hands and feet. You may also notice a burning sensation in the arms, hands and feet due to loss of motor nerve fiber.

☐ Skin problems: Itchy skin can be a warning sign of diabetes and is caused by dry skin and/or poor circulation. Darkening around the armpit or neck area is also an early warning sign of diabetes.

☐ Yeast infections: Diabetes is considered an immune-suppressed state, which means there is an increased susceptibility to a variety of infections, the most common being yeast (candida) and other fungal infections, because bacteria and fungi thrive in sugar-plenty environments. As a woman, if you are experiencing more usual-than-not vaginal candida infections, please visit your physician.

How to test for diabetes?

Blood Tests
Several tests used are repeated to determine if diabetes is present. The fasting glucose test checks your blood sugar after 8 hours of not eating any foods. Blood glucose above 126 mg per deciliter (mg/dL) tested and confirmed twice means you likely have diabetes. The normal is 99mg/dL while levels from 100 to 125mg/dL are considered pre-diabetes, which is as serious as the full-blown condition.
Other Tests
Other tests to check for diabetes, glucose levels and diagnose symptoms of diabetes are available to further investigate.
Download Diabetes Self-Check List PDF from Qualicare Franchise Corporation

September 19 2018

6 Best Foods for keeping your skin healthy/Email Share


black and white close up eyes face
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Let’ s look at 6 of the best foods for keeping your skin healthy.


1. Fatty types of fish, such as salmon, contain omega-3 fatty acids that can reduce inflammation and keep skin moisturized. They’re also a good source of high-quality protein, vitamin E and zinc.

2. Avocados are high in beneficial fats and contain vitamins E and C, which are important for healthy skin. They also pack compounds that may protect your skin from sun damage.

3. Walnuts are a good source of essential fats, zinc, vitamin E, vitamin C, selenium and protein — all of which are nutrients your skin needs to stay healthy.

4. Sunflower seeds are an excellent source of nutrients, including vitamin E, which is an important antioxidant for the skin.

5. Sweet potatoes are an excellent source of beta-carotene, which acts as a natural sunblock and may protect your skin from sun damage.

6. Bell peppers contain plenty of beta-carotene and vitamin C — both of which are important antioxidants for your skin. Vitamin C is also necessary to create collagen, the structural protein that keeps your skin strong.

What you eat can have a big impact on your skin health. Make sure you’re getting enough essential nutrients to protect your skin. The foods on this list are great options to keep your skin healthy, strong and attractive.

Now that you have a “heads up” go get that skin you have always wanted.

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