Poem (that flows to the tune of the song, ”The Sound of Silence”.

Hello memory, my old friend

I see you came to haunt again

I’ve broken heartstrings and a shaken soul

Took so much effort just to stand the cold

And the wheels ,of my brain, are seemingly strained,

But they still remain

Within the time spent… in silence.

Silence by MwsR

Poem by MwsR

Silence by MwsR

Is there such a thing as peace?
Will this burden ever release ?

So many things cannot be undone
Like looking at the “mountain” wanting to run.

Things that used to mean something are being replaced
Even the smile that was carried around on the face.

Sometimes hurt can overwhelm us
It can make a prisoner and create a stirring fuss.

It can take away our light and our joy
Things that used to bring something suddenly don’t anymore.

When a person’s heart has been hurt and created a scar
IT is always there even when it doesn’t hurt so bad, and never far.

As if silence could be still a heart
Then time would join its hand
Nothing could wound us
Nothing would reside …

Try to find some silence for your heart
It will not diminish the pain, but it’s a start.

Help yourself, be kind to you
You don’t come with a blueprint in blue.

Peace is not always attainable
Burdens can be many and manageable.

Silence might simply be closure…
Closure to whatever creates a burden or more.