Mother’s Day Blues/ Poem Share

Mother’s Day Blues

(My birth mom)


Like a gem, you were one of a kind

In my heart at least, and in my mind.

I never got to tell you things

Or even show you I could sing.

I wanted to know what was in you heart

I always did from the very start.

You were so significant to me

You were so significant to see.

Yes, in a way I am bitter and sad

But it is the way it is and that does not make me glad.

I wonder what your fears were and your dreams

I often think of very trivial things.

Like, you never got to see my inner heart

But that was always kind of hid, since we were apart.

If you had a favorite food, I would not know

See these are those trivial things I really can’t let go.

See these are those trivial things I really can’t let go.

Those things that you did, the things you knew.

The wishes you had,

Even the little things that made you mad.

I took for granted there would be time

There would be a chance for our hearts, yours and mine.

As I do every Mother’s Day and every day

I want to be able to have a chance to say,

I miss you, I really do, not in the way others thought of you

The way a child does when a piece of them is missing

When there is the one thing they grew up wanting and wishing.

The family says I look so much like you

I really think that is what I will always use to help when I am blue.

I wonder if the days had been longer and the time had not come so soon

Would I had finally got to know and love the real you?

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Mws R

"If you are going to write, write from the heart." MwsR "Life has not been the easiest, but it could have been worse!" MwsR Life is about doing all you can to help others. Don't go chasing rainbows, make your own pot of gold. Love, Hope, Faith, the greatest of these is Love!

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