A Life Like That, by MwsR

There was a time when things were not more important than loving a person.

Love and life of this old world could be found with much anticipation and vigor.

Things like that were not only shown in the movies but in real life.

The seasons of a person’s life always came at the time they were supposed to and in the manner, they should

Money earned was spent on an enjoyable vacation filled with memories of your family or friends.

Money saved was hope in the future of comfortability and not a necessity.

People went and shook the hand of their neighbors and they called them by their first names.

There was no closed doors because anyone was welcome to stop by.

People were special, even if they were just a passer more by.

Things were easier to see and people did not walk around in a socialized made haze.

Because of the way they were reared they knew how to endear, as well as persevere.

The biggest battle or two, for the school-age group, was which clique to belong to or which club to be in.

I wish our world had those things gone before us.

Love like that and respect of one’s neighbor was engrained in them all.

Society was in general friendlier than the one we know today.

No one really stepped over others, just to get there own way.

I would very much liked it back, in the day.

A life like that came with its share of excitement, respect, loyalty, and love.

Too bad today, much of what we see is when people shove.

When people are mean, destructive, and rude.

Selfish is the new thinking, and it is clouded with a sky of resentment.

Sure not all is bad, as is the case, mostly, anyway.

Just thinking about a life like that!

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