Poem by MwsR


Flashes are so poignant

They stick to your brain

Causing you to sometimes feel insane

Expressive glances

Leave you wondering

Checking your past reactions

Stirs of remembrance

Cause you to lose your temperance

They punish you, in some sort of way

Leaving no room for free play

It is cause and effect

Movement and motion

Recourse and stand still

What we sometimes say we never really feel

When our minds clutter

Our lips stutter

If we go we often really stay

In the past, in the visions of yesterday

Spinning away and in dis-array

It all gets twisted it all falls apart

In little segments, somewhere in our hearts.

Take things not, for granted

Take some sort of stand

Pass knowledge, not chaos to every man.

Make a difference where you can

Let by-gones be gone

Traveling to wherever is your home.

Stay there, feel the love

Put yourself in that human glove

Secure, safe, and real.

Contemplating by MwsR

Yesterday, I was shocked to have a comment on one of my posts accusing me of trying to take someone’s husband. It got me to thinking. First, it was totally out of place and I did not know the person. I was thinking to myself how quickly we blow up sometimes. Sometimes we do not take a moment in silence and in thought really thinking about the whole realm of something. Often we are hotheaded and tempered by something we had previously been insecure about all on our own. More than not, we accept this as normal reactions. I do not think that is true. I think we draw up scenarios in our minds, we replay things over and over, and we let them pray on our minds. Often we lose that critical perspective. We can sometimes only see our own version of something. We should change this.

I reacted in a poem, a quote, a post to something that happened to me yesterday. I was reacting to that person I did not know and hoping to appeal to her better nature. I could not had been sure of her even reading my posts, poem, or quote. What was I thinking? She had clearly seen something in her own head, and if she blew up at a complete stranger for asking her husband what his comment would had been, she was clearly not going to come to reason with a nudge or two from me. For all I know she blocked her husband from even seeing my posts. I bet since she used an email to publicly comment on my post, she did not even have an account with WordPress. So chances are she did not even know anything was directed to her. Often I think we try to reach out to someone but we fail miserably. I would probably had only invoked her anger if she had of read anything from yesterday, and not what I wanted, her understanding.

The lesson here I am trying to come to is that we often react in a hastily manner, not fully thinking out what it is we really want to convey. Instead of being heard and understood, we often invoke anger and bitterness. Maybe we incur more hostility. Or better yet, we get totally ignored. Maybe even things get escalated to a whole new level. I am not a psychologist and I do not pretend to have all the answers, but one thing I have learnt from just life, is we all overreact, we all play a blame game, we all go about things incorrect at times. Should we try to slow our roll, I think so!

Maybe if you were able to follow my mind, which moves 100 miles an hour when writing, you gathered something helpful from this. Perhaps you can’t understand anything I tried to write. I hope you have a good day and I hope we are more gentle in our interactions with others. That is all.


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I shall see you on this side of the rainbow~! MwsR