Intermittent Fasting~ Can You Drink Diet Soda?

I have been researching the Intermittent Fasting lately. I think it has crucial benefits and positive feedback, enough to get the interest of a lot of people, doctors, and nutritionists. I want to learn as much as I can about it, and I am thinking about following it at some point. We all know that the Keto thing is very popular and I have actually been on this one. I still have my almond flours, coconut flours, coconut oils, that I find to be very good for overall health and beneficial for low carbs. There has been substantial benefits and health news about it. There is of course the Mediterranean diet, that is popular, and the food in it is very good and tasty. I have incorporated several things I learnt from it , into my own life. So with all this being said, I will be posting frequently about the Intermittent Fasting.


Click on this link to find out if you can actually drink Diet Soda on an intermittent Plan.