Paper and Pen~poem

Stead firmness can be found

Once,I did stand,on solid ground

Not anymore

My heart cannot find its footing

My feet cannot make a stance

Too much sand and water under them

Life Is full of hardships that have taken a toll

I’ve watched people come

I watched people go

Some of them really hurt me

Some of them I wish had stayed

Is this how my life is supposed to have been played?

Fighting the many who came for my soul

Prayers and dreams kept me afloat

Sometimes, the tide turned me over

I had to swim with everything that was in me

I grabbed at twigs or anything I could find

The twigs were those that listened

The swim was my struggle

The tide was those that took love from me and threw it away

Like in nature, all fight to survive

This has been me, in my life

Sometimes, I fought my own self

Sometimes I ran away

So many things I can remember that I never got to say

But that’s in the past

And I think I’ll leave it in my poems

In my writing, with paper and pen.

I’m sure you’ll hear from me again.


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