MwsR Thoughts

To the person who

Feels embarrassed by the house they live in. Who wants to have friends over to visit but …they have to make reasons why they can’t have you over.

Wishes that they could afford to go on vacation with their group of friends but they don’t have the money so they have to come up with excuses.

Feels inferior to others because they always brag about what they have bought and about the next vacation they are going on. You’re feeling lower than better around them, so you avoid going anywhere with them.

So many people have so much going on in their lives. It is rarely black and white in terms of this. A lot of times there is a person who wants to go and do, who wants to have friends over but they simply feel embarrassed, stressed, broke, or left out because of circumstances they can’t manage.
I bet we all have a person in our life that we know, going through “things” like this.
Our failure as being a true friends is in letting distance and pride get in our way. We should never make another person feel inferior or that they bring nothing to the plate.
They might not get to go on vacations or fix their house up or buy new things. That should not mean that directly or indirectly our actions or words should cause them to feel this way.
Everybody wants to belong, feel loved, and that they are just as good as others.
I encourage you if you have a friend that feels bad about themselves or something in their lives because they feel they’ll never measure up to you, please think about their reasons as to why they opt-out or hide, or make excuses .
Not always but sometimes they have insecurities, perhaps feeling down, or are limited in what they want to do versus being able to.
By me, MwsR

❤️Life goes further than to the tip of your nose.

The Thought Of

You, by MwsR

There you are, in all your armor

Throwing daggers into open windows.

You care not for settling things

Or giving opinion to the heartache that you bring.

Why must one settle just to have you?

Like you would care, if that could ensue.

I don’t think much of the things that were told

Just your lack of concern and what made you so bold?

Worthless are the words,

Deliberate the actions, all of it absurd!

Spite can be given in foolish attempts

Smothered by someone’s contempt

Would had suited you better to run away

That is how cowards try to evade.

The hurt that you caused sank deep into the fibers

Nothing will ever be able to get those out.

I hope being satisfied made you a hero in your world

Because you can’t be anymore to us.

Your actions have consequences and reactions

Your time without any blame is gone.

Go ahead tell yourself it wasn’t you

But our whole family knows it isn’t true.

Blame another is you want

You’ll be the one who has to live without,

We surely won’t.

The thought of you brings sadness

Hopefully we all can escape this madness!


Love, Life, and Caring
By MwsR

There are connections
Although subtle and yet uplifting things
Something that takes the bite out of the sting.
Warming inside the heart they work
They come without a note or a gift
They’re felt in the heart’s path when it needs a lift.
Cannot contain it,
For they’re not to be owned or kept
Not to be useless or did you forget?
We each have the opportunity to use these
Each day and till the end.
They are love and life and caring, my friend.

Poem By MwsR

Are We Ever Really Sure… by MwsR

Sometimes things are too much
Too much for us to handle.

Sometimes we are like a clasp on a sandal
Easy to work but with not much fore thought.

Sometimes we can fail to work
To serve our purpose.

When clasps don’t work any longer we replace it with another one.
Clasps serve one purpose ,they are to hold things together,
To keep things from separating.

Sometimes we loose the intended purpose.
Too often we just see this one thing…
When there are many more all around us.

If we were meant to only have one clasp, or better yet given one clasp to last…
What care we would had taken of it!