The Cake…my daughter

My daughter and new son in law.
My daughter.

Great wedding folks.

Thought I’d share the cake, me and my husband made. The wedding theme was tie dyed.

Happy Fourth

I’ll see you on this side of the rainbow.


Hey folks!

More garden veggies today! I just picked some yellow squash, cucumber, zucchini that was 15 inches long, and some Kale.

I am reaping the garden’s fresh produce and I love it. I am freezing what I cannot eat and it feels great to have food that actually I grew all by myself. So I know where it comes from, what it has been through and how it is being handled. Wonderful!

I hope everyone is fairing well and happy. Kids are out from school for the summer here and our theaters show a series of kids cartoons and movies free or a dollar for them. I will be taking my grandkids to see some this summer. It is a really nice thing especially for all the kids who may otherwise not ever seen a theater or a movie . I like when community helps out. Don’t you? Hey, I like going just as much as they do.

I have been busy lately, my second born daughter will be getting married and I am having to do decorations, foods, etc, but on a tight budget. I have found lots of great ideas on the web. Pinterest is really helpful, that is why I post my posts to my Pinterest account. People from all over go there to look for ideas, recipes, etc, Check it out! Mine is under my word press name, and there is more than I have here on my Pinterest account.

I want to wish everyone a good afternoon and I appreciate my followers, the Likes, comments, and interest you show. I hope that I offer you something unique, handy, or helpful.

That’s all I have for now. I shall see you on this side of the rainbow,



He Didn’t See Me, by MwsR

He could of seen me,

But he was to wrapped up in his own desires

He could of been the light that led my way

But he choose to stray

He could of held my hands when I was scared

Instead he gave me nightmares.

He could of been my one true guy

But he would rather look at me with his sinful eye.

He could of helped strengthen my belief in love

But he took those things from me and gave me a shove

He could of made my opinion of men so much better

Instead, he was never much of a man.

He used his position to intimidate me

All that with lots of misery.

He would of been someone I would of loved forever

He did not want my love, he wanted me.

He broke my childhood into vivid reminders

Of how he lusted after me.

He is a sick person, not my dad anymore

I had to shut that door.

He will never ever hurt me that way again

The end.