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6 Health Benefits of Vitamin B6


Vitamin B6, also known as pyridoxine, is a water-soluble vitamin that your body needs for several functions. It’s significant to protein, fat and carbohydrate metabolism and the creation of red blood cells and neurotransmitters.

Your body cannot produce vitamin B6, so you must obtain it from foods or supplements. Most people get enough vitamin B6 through their diet, but certain populations may be at risk for deficiency.

Consuming adequate amounts of vitamin B6 is important for optimal health and may even prevent and treat chronic diseases.


Here are 6 health benefits of vitamin B6, backed by science.
1. Low levels of vitamin B6 in older adults have been linked to depression, but research has not shown that B6 is an effective treatment for mood disorders.

2. Vitamin B6 may prevent a decline in brain function by decreasing homocysteine levels that have been associated with Alzheimer’s disease and memory impairments. However, studies have not proven the effectiveness of B6 in improving brain health.

3. Not getting enough vitamin B6 can lead to low hemoglobin and anemia, so supplementing with this vitamin may prevent or treat these issues.

4. Some research has indicated that high doses of vitamin B6 may be effective at decreasing anxiety and other mood issues associated with PMS due to its role in creating neurotransmitters.

5. Vitamin B6 supplements in doses of 30–75 mg a day have been used as an effective treatment for nausea and vomiting during pregnancy.

6. Vitamin B6 may help reduce high homocysteine levels that lead to narrowing of arteries. This may minimize heart disease risk.

Getting enough B6 through your diet or a supplement is crucial for staying healthy and may have other impressive health benefits as well.

All evidence & citations are from US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health

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Did You Know?/ News on Health,Share/Aspirin

Low-dose aspirin has no effect, causes harm in some older people, study finds

If you are a healthy older person and take a low-dose aspirin every day, it may be more harmful than you think.

A large clinical trial involving participants in Australia and the United States found a daily low-dose aspirin had no effect on prolonging life in healthy, elderly people. It also showed a higher rate of suffering from a major hemorrhage.

Results from the trial were published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Over a four-year span starting in 2010, the trial enrolled more than 19,000 people in Australia and the U.S. who were 70 and older, or 65 for African-American and Hispanic participants because their risks of dementia or cardiovascular disease are higher. Also, the participants did not have cardiovascular disease, dementia or a physical disability.

Roughly half of participants were given 100 mg of low-dose aspirin, while the rest were given a placebo.

The results showed the aspirin had no impact on whether people would suffer from dementia or a disability. The trial found 90.3 percent of the people who took aspirin remained alive with no persistent physical disability or dementia, compared with 90.5 percent of people on the placebo. Rates of people who suffered from disability and dementia were nearly the same.

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Carbonated Drinks/ Information Share

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Carbonated water is a refreshing beverage and a good alternative to sugary soft drinks. However, concerns have been raised that it may be bad for your health.

Let’s look at the health effects of carbonated water.

Carbonated water is acidic, but your body should maintain a stable, slightly alkaline pH no matter what you consume.

Sugar-sweetened carbonated beverages can erode tooth enamel, but plain carbonated water appears relatively harmless.

Carbonated water has benefits for digestion. It may improve swallowing, increase feelings of fullness and reduce constipation.

Drinking carbonated cola drinks may harm bone health, but plain sparkling water appears to have a neutral or positive effect.

There is currently no evidence that carbonated or sparkling water is bad for you. It is not really that harmful for dental health and seems to have no effect on bone health.

Interestingly, a carbonated drink may even enhance digestion by improving swallowing ability and reducing constipation.

It’s also a calorie-free beverage that causes a pleasurable bubbly sensation. Many people prefer it over still water.

There’s no reason to give up this beverage if you enjoy it. In fact, it may actually improve your overall health.

All evidence & citations are from US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health

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3 reasons not to weigh…/Information Share

3 Major Reasons Not to Weigh Yourself Everyday

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The temptation to incessantly step on the scale makes sense, when losing weight is top of mind: You’re eating healthier, moving more throughout the day and maybe need to justify your hard work so you’ll stay motivated. We get why you do it, but if you weigh yourself every day, stop now. This could be the best advice for weight loss you’ve ever heard.

Here are three major reasons not to weigh yourself everyday:

1. Daily weigh-ins don’t accurately indicate weight loss.

Not only can the number on that scale fluctuate from day to day, but it may even swing between morning and night—and that is perfectly normal. “People think they’re gaining fat when they see (their weight) creep up a bit, but that’s not always the case,” says Chelsea Lovell, weight loss counselor at Nutrisystem. Lovell explains that water retention is one of the main reasons weight fluctuates. High sodium intake, for example, may cause your body to retain more fluid. Women may also put on water weight during their menstrual cycle, she adds. So, hormones may tip the scale just like the size of a meal.

2. Fluctuating numbers can mess with your mindset.

It can be discouraging to see the scale go up and down, according to Lovell—no matter how many times you tell yourself its normal. Experts at the Mayo Clinic relay that the scale’s disappointing news can be particularly frustrating when you try to eat right and exercise. This event might send you straight for the nearest comfort food. And because most people should aim to lose one to two pounds per week, you’re not going to see a big loss when you step on that scale daily.

3. The scale isn’t the only measure of your success.

Yes, the scale is the best tool to quantify your weight, and when paired with body measurements, for example, it can be a good way to track your progress. “But there are many victories to pay attention to off the scale,” says Lovell—clothing fit, energy levels, better skin, overall health improvements, and more. The true happiness associated with losing weight is outside of the numbers anyway, tied to these life-enhancing benefits.




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Pass It On/Information Share

Good Morning Y’ll 

Of course, I have been looking at the news this morning. It seems to be a regular thing with me. Browsing for some sharable tidbits, so I can blog about whatever I find.

This morning, I found some traits that you can have that help you live longer. That is of course, if you really want to live longer then you might want to read this.

Here they are,


woman sitting on chair inside room

Strong Work Ethic 

adult chill computer connection


nature animal cute big

Strong Family Bonds

grayscale photo of baby feet with father and mother hands in heart signs

  • Strong Work Ethics gives someone an overall purpose, a belonging, and a sense of contributing
  • stubbornness gives an added grit, required to last through difficult times or hard times and there is a need to adapt to certain circumstances
  • Strong Family Bonds tends to help us have longevity and studies have shown that those surrounded by caring and given respect from family members, usually last longer.
  • Positivity, well that explains itself pretty much. Stay positive, your body will love that.


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