STAY by MwsR

Days run into one another

Memories bear down on your mind

Perhaps you’ve often wished that your heart wasn’t blind.

Separation comes quickly

Almost without warning

Yet nothing is like seeing the sunrise in the morning.

Past grievances all have lent hands to your destruction

They held so tightly, as if to strangle

At least you felt your pulse as your heart started to dangle.

Whispers follow all the innuendos

Friends become as distant strangers

Family feels more like taking a path full of dangers.

Befuddled and left to sort through things

Comfort you cannot really find

No, your bruised and battered, emotionally blind.

Where to look for that trust that was so sacred

The promises people give when you mattered

All those blank looks that leave you shattered.

Peace is something you start to beg for

Even alone you know you deserve more

You know they sit and wait to explore

Taking your dignity, your feelings

Your desires and your smile

You will learn to trust for a bit, but it will take a while.

That leaves you vulnerable and exposed

Ready to cry when someone snubs you

Hurts you, as they often do.

Why have memories if they are painful?

What good is it to smile, when that can suddenly change?

So many disappointments, so many deranged.

Short comings should not be like rain run offs

They should not show up where you least expect them

Making it hard for you, to stay calm or to breathe, like phlegm.

You should be able to leave things in the past

Move forward, with every task, even loving

There is something odd though, when you actually start moving.

You feel weird inside, fearful that with every stride

Someone is going to take your emotions on a rollercoaster

One without seat belts, one without any brakes, made out of plaster.

Be prepared is your new motto

No one every stays forever

No-one wants to, hardly ever

The days run into one another

Your biggest issue is staying okay

Hoping if you choose to love again, that they stay.


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I write a lot of stuff that may seem to beĀ in a hostile way.

See everything is not all bright and gay.

There is power though in things we can choose

Like loving another despite the fact they do no good.

Or teaching someone something to try to make their day better

Perhaps just letting someone pass in line, if you have the time.

All these things go farther than you and me

They take on a purpose and they start acting like a stream

That stream will flow through to another, then another one

I know I have done it, and I am not done.

Forgiveness is necessary as well,

Probably one of the most important to tell.

If you can’t get past all the animosity and pain

How do you expect to float to a higher plain?

It is true what they say about “coming back to you”

I have seen it for real, it is true.

So let’s learn to forgive, even when they sure as heck do not deserve it.

Let us remember they are still human, you can see that.

We can change their life as well as ours

If we forgive them, we release that burden, the one that towers

We can finally let things go

We can make new what we had destroyed by holding on without forgiving

This life is for those that give while they’re living.





We have to teach our generations to forgive and give, or else we are destroying ourselves from the inside out.