Thoughts in a poem

Are we ever really sure… 

Sometimes things are too much

Too much for us to handle.

Sometimes we are like a clasp on a sandal

Easy to work but with not much fore thought.

Sometimes we can fail to work

To serve our purpose. 

When clasps don’t work any longer we replace it with another one.

Clasps serve one purpose ,they are to hold things together,

To keep things from separating. 

Sometimes we loose the intended purpose.

Too often we just see this one thing…

When there are many more all around us.

If we were meant to only have one clasp,  or better yet given one clasp to last…

What care we would had  taken of it!

Quote for Friday

  “Your dignity can be mocked, abused, compromised, toyed with, lowered and even badmouthed, but it can never be taken from you. You have the power today to reset your boundaries, restore your image, start fresh with renewed values and rebuild what has happened to you in the past.”

― Shannon L. Alder

Onward… my poem


No going back,

Not anymore.

No tracing steps that led to the broken doors.

Heart can’t rebuild from what lies behind

I think I have tortured enough, my mind.

This is just a small fraction, I need to stay blind.

Head up ,no bowing, no more

None of us are perfect, not anymore.

Once we were babies , that is when we could explore.

Not today, not at our age

There is always going to be resentment and rage.

It is like we all are performers and life is the stage.

Whatever lies ahead

Let it be kind, with nothing for us to dread.

Always remember the worst thoughts start  in our own heads.

Trembling like a kid being punished

That is not what or how it should be , that’s rubbish.

We should be empowered not told to hush.

Again, no one is perfect, no one is above

We all survive,  with heartaches and love

We all strive to make it, to the great above.

I say , “Onward”

Let’s move forward.

Endless Love

When others know how to share love with one another

There sometimes is a  trail that leads back to their mother.

I know you think it is silly, absurd or extreme

But I am telling you that can be the joining “seam”.

If you are lucky enough to see your mother’s ways

If she has led you to some of your brightest days

Then there is the “seam’ that all other relationships come from.


Just think for a minute, second, or a while

Of all your childhood and what brought you your smiles.

I bet your mom was in there among those things you thought about

That is if you aren’t one of the ones whose heart was left out.

If your mom wasn’t there it certainly left its mark

I know this personally in my  own life’s journey, I’ve had to embark.


My trail though was made despite all of this

I made my own life in the shadows of all that I  had wished.

I found me a love from a select chosen few

I call them my family, and I still feel like I’ve been rescued.

No nothing is perfect, seldom it really is

Endless love, it’s possible, either way I guess.




Sometimes (poem excerpt from my book, “Heart Songs”

From my poem, “Sometimes”

Imagine your life in a happier time

Sometimes that’s how I remember mine.

Times that made you smile and shine

Things that were easily peace of mind.

Sometimes, things are complicated

Even can leave us exasperated

That is when remembering steps in

Of a wonderful place or time that has been.

To read more lines and more poems, please visit the site to order my book!


Heart Songs”


Some quotes I wrote and put inside my book…


“Our minds are capable of great things. Our minds also can keep us prisoners of our past.”


“Learn to love yourself, for it is through that love you can be the “who” you were meant to be.” 




Where does one go?

Feeling the stresses of the tasks at hand

Nothing really makes sense in the terrible land

Trying to stay compassionate, yet whole some how

 All this has your head in a doubt filled cloud.

Gone are the days of tranquility and rest

You sometimes see no way out of this mess.

Why does everything get sidetracked?

Especially the things that matter, when they do they are under attack.

The world won’t get better for any of us unless,

WE adapt to the changes , especially when we are distressed.

Where does one go when there is very little hope?

You’ve seen people with that and some wind up on dope.

It is a give and take life.

You give some, you take some and deal with good days, and ones with strife.

No one has a blueprint, although some wish there to be

So, I just have to start this thing, and it has to start within me.

So if you are down, and you are asking where should you go,

Look in your inner self and then you will know.

King of Nothing(my daughter made)

This is the King of Nothing
He isn't very bright
He has two screws inside his skull, that makes him look a fright.
He has a razor blade where once his eye did go
Although no one told me this it's something I should already know
Even when you change the light surrounding him, hardly anything changes
He has "blood" spots on his crown and ribbon
I wonder if whoever did that to him was forgiven.
Beads adorn his chin bone where once he could smile
He won't be doing any smiling for a while.
He is King of Nothing as you could surmise yourself
So for now I will just make him KING of my shelf.