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Gardening And Mental Health Benefits

1. Looking after plants gives us a sense of responsibility. I remember when my mother gave me a little spot in our garden to tend. I must have been about […]

Benefits Of Castor Oil

“Castor oil is a skin-conditioning agent, meaning that it can help make the skin soft and supple,” Dr. Bailey says. “It has been shown to penetrate skin and can increase […]

Being Mindful~ There are benefits to it

‘Mindfulness’ has become a bit of a buzz word, and seems to be gaining in popularity every day. It’s easy to see why. Unlike a formal meditation practice, which requires […]

Diabetes~ Olives!!!

OLIVES: This low-carb snack fights inflammation, Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, and even helps you lose weight Plus a LOT of other health benefits from this high-fat superfood! By: Cat Ebeling  Co-author of […]

Himalayan Salt

Millions of years ago, the crystallized sea salt beds were covered with lava, and surrounded by snow and ice throughout the entire year, protecting it from any kind of pollution. […]

MCT Oil~Did You Know?

What is MCT oil? All fats are constructed with chains of carbon atoms, and different types of fat have varying numbers of these atoms. For instance, most fats in the […]

Drinking Lemon Water~ Why?

Drop a slice of lemon into a glass of cool water or a mug of hot and drink it before breakfast. Instagram and “wellness experts” swear it boosts metabolism, eliminates […]


8 Surprising Benefits Of Meditation By now, the world has warmed to the idea of meditation. People no longer roll their eyes and mutter under their breath when they hear […]

Health Benefits of B6/Information Share

6 Health Benefits of Vitamin B6   Vitamin B6, also known as pyridoxine, is a water-soluble vitamin that your body needs for several functions. It’s significant to protein, fat and […]


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Enjoy this blog? Please spread the word :)

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